Friday, February 10, 2012

Aya Brea (Parasite Eve) Papercraft - My bit of practice

Aya Brea, the protagonist of one of my favorite game series Parasite Eve. I played PE2 too many times to count. It simply sucks that the 3rd game is on psp and I will not get one to play one game!lol  I would have thought (hoped) Square Enix would release them on xbox as a collection, but it would appear it will remain a Sony realease.
  Anyway, I did this for practice since I'm not too well versed at unfolding, reducing polygons, adding textures ...

I test built up to the arms and started seeing things I could have and should have done differently. Maybe one day I will go back in and work on it some more and refine it more, but if you would like to attempt to build it I have the link below. Just remember, I know it doesn't build perfect so be nice!

 Better yet, forget about mine and head over to JP Papercraft and get Chous Aya. Much better model!

Ok, after a little tinkering here is a more feminine aya in her 3rd birthday outfit

this one is buildable. Chou and I have kicked this model around quite a bit, so this is probably going to be the last variation of her for a while. Still, I had fun working with him on all this. Thanks again buddy!