Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pyramid Head Papercraft WIP

Here's my first attempt at creating a model. Hopefully Chou will help me through the tricky parts.

OK, Lots to learn. The wonderful and patient master of the model ( Chou ) has given
me tons of assistance and tutoring on this side of papercraft models. I can't thank him enough
for the insight behind the modeling aspect and taking the time to pass it along
to me. Updates to follow soon. Needless to say, the above screenshot is NOT (lol)
an indication of the new unfold! Muchas gracias mi amigo en el mundo de papel :)

Pyramid Morrigan!

here are some pics of the sword that Chou built. The ridges on top look
a little bit intimidating to build when you realize that it isn't really that big.
Awesome work amigo!                                                                     

here's the belt and his collar. All that's left is the torso. That part for some reason
is giving me a hard time. Shouldn't be much longer and I'll have it up here.

OK! Torso reworked to be all one piece with the arms attached

I have a few pics of the test of it and its coming out pretty good. I guess the Aya model was good for practice after all!!

It's hard to see in the pics but the muscle definition and texture
details came out awesome. Granted, more polys mean more
parts, but in the end I think it is worth the extra time building.

Pyramid Shrunken Head!

All that's left are the parts that I don't like to build, the hands.
Need to make a few scale adjustments and he's ready to go.
just to avoid confusion, yes his head is small( for now) the head is 
part of the scale issue. this head is the first test build head. I just
thought it would look odd without his head in these pics.
Correct scales are coming! Building his new head now.
Pyramid shrunken head, not so intimidating.